Benvenuti – Welcome

Benvenuti! – That’s Italian for “Welcome!”
Yo, how you doin’? – That’s South Philadelphian for “Welcome!”
(It’s also a rhetorical question. Don’t bother answering.)

The historic 9th Street Italian Market is where these two worlds, among others, collide. The Italian Market is a glorious fusion of different cultures, and for that reason, it is a place where you will never go hungry or unentertained. 9th Street is home to numerous shops, restaurants, eateries, street vendors, events, and a plethora of characters.

I am Catherine DeMuro, a journalism student at Rowan University, and over the next several months I will be exploring the Italian Market and sharing everything with YOU! On this blog, you will find an accessible guide to all the Italian Market has to offer, as well as its rich history. I will be interviewing store owners who have been in the market for over 50 years, displaying photo galleries of different attractions, documenting events such as the annual Italian Market Festival, and hopefully doing a significant amount of taste testing.

Overall, these posts will be geared towards young adults in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area. I hope to create a helpful and relevant reference for things to do in this unique, amazing city – whether you’re seeking a change of pace in your social calendar, or you’re simply in need of some delicious lunch.

I’m excited to share this exploration of 9th Street with you and hope that you will find it informative. Please feel free to share your own stories and experiences with me, and let me know what you would like to see more of!

‘Ciao’ for now!


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